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Thanks for taking the time to learn how we can Let Teens Sleep.

Our mission is to change school start times so that all children can get enough sleep. Having teenagers start class at 7:30 disregards years of scientific research and our own experience as parents.

We’re finally getting some traction, but every voice helps. Please sign the petition below to let the Board of Education know you support this initiative.

I respectfully request that the New Canaan Board of Education follow the advice of all major medical associations and change school start times for Grades 7-12 to 8:30 am or later. I also request that this be accomplished in a way that does not require any child to start earlier than 8:00 a.m.**

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**Note: The district has developed preliminary bell time options that include a start time for elementary schools as early as 7:30 a.m. Our position is that no school should start excessively early. Given the importance of adequate sleep at all ages, we must find a better way to implement this important initiative than by risking sleep loss for any child.

We have decided to edit this petition to include our position that no student should be required to be in school as early as 7:30 a.m. To maintain the integrity of the original petition and its signers, going forward, new signatures will be saved separately. Feel free to sign again!

After you sign the petition, please consider donating financially to our cause. We hoped this would take only a year or two, so our five committee families have been funding everything ourselves. As we enter our 3rd (!) year, it would be great to spread the costs a bit more widely.

100% of every donation will go towards publicizing the cause and other basic expenses.

Any donation of $10 or more will earn you a Let Teens Sleep Car Magnet!

Here is a breakdown of our spending to-date and what we expect to spend this year:

2017 - 2018 Expenses

  • Printing, publicity, speaker expenses for May 2018 Sleep Talk: $380

  • Domain name for website (2 years): $40

  • Squarespace hosting for website (2 years): $384

  • Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, PhD (20 copies - 1 for each BOE member plus key members of Administration): $300

Expected 2019 Expenses

  • Communications software: $50

  • Publicity Banners: $345

  • Car Magnets: $334

  • Squarespace hosting for website (1 year): $192

  • Speaker Event:

After you sign the petition, please also consider emailing the Superintendent and the BoE directly about your concern.

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